Lees hier alles over het Amarakaeri reservaat, de indianen die het bos uit gejaagd worden en de oliemaatschappij die hier verantwoordelijk voor is. Wij van Stichting BEE hebben in 2011 een expeditie naar dit gebied ondernomen om zelf polshoogte te nemen, onder leiding van enkele lokale Harakmbut indianen.

Hier een video over de problematiek.


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New research projects two percent increase in global emissions in 2017

Delegates at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany (COP23), which concludes today, were hoping to make progress toward reining in global climate change. But this week also saw the release of new research that shows that, even as the nations of the world (with at least one notable exception, of course) are getting down […]

To feed a growing population, farms chew away at Madagascar’s forests

Men and women spend hours sowing rice seedlings and ploughing the land. Photo by Dan Ashby and Lucy Taylor for Mongabay.SAVA REGION, Madagascar – Squatting barefoot in a field of mud on the outskirts of Marojejy National Park, easing rice seedlings from the earth, Paul Tiozen shrugged out one of Madagascar’s most pressing conundrums: how to get more rice? He looked bitter. “Rice is the source of Malagasy life. It’s so difficult to work the […]

COP23: Leaders vie for protection of ‘incredibly important’ African peatland

BONN, Germany – A few weeks ago, international scientists, government officials and forest advocates visiting a remote community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) confirmed the presence of one of the world’s largest and most important carbon sinks – a vast and deep peatland the size of England. Here at the 23rd United […]

COP23: Alliance pledges an end to coal; other key summit goals unmet

19-nation pledge would reduce coal use by 3 percent; COP23 failed to see developed nations ramp up carbon targets, or offer real pathway for financing climate aid to developing nations.

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Uganda: Batwa “Pygmy” imprisoned for hunting now released

Kafukuzi Valence in his cell in Kisoro, Uganda, in February 2017 © Alex Ahimbisibwe/Batwa Development Organisation A Batwa “Pygmy” man has been released from prison, after spending over seven months behind bars for killing a small antelope inside a protected area from which his people were...


COP 23: Survival calls for stronger tribal voice at global climate conference

The Guajajara Guardians are a group of Brazilian Indians who protect their forest in the Amazon, and the uncontacted people who live in it. © Survival Survival International is calling for greater recognition from world leaders for tribal peoples’ crucial role in protecting the environment ...


Brazil: Tribe defy miners – “Our life depends on the life of the earth and the forest”

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Brazil: Uncontacted people threatened by forest fire in Amazon

Fires are threatening the lives and lands of tribal people in the Amazon. © Survival International Forest fires are raging in an indigenous territory on the edge of the Brazilian Amazon, threatening to wipe out uncontacted members of the Awá tribe. Neighboring Guajajara Indians are atte...